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When it is necessary to remove vegetation and circumstances are difficult due to lack of space – as the case may be in residential or urban areas – the Pasinelli and Cassai intervenes with controlled removal techniques, such as progressive removal by ropes and friction or by sections carried by a helicopter.

Over the years, we have developed a major experience in a delicate operation of removal by helicopter.


We strive to deliver a clean green space to the customer, without a trace of the performed work.

In addition to organizing the green space, at the end of our work we offer the milling of rootstocks.

Milling the rootstocks after removal may have aesthetic, practical (to facilitate cutting) or security reasons. It also allows planting a new tree, as well as avoiding pathogenic fungal epidemics (such as Armillaria).


To avoid unnecessary costs and inconveniences caused by maintenance or removal of the trees, we offer consultation and expertise in planting trees that are perfectly suited to the environment –soil type, proximity to buildings or to other greenery, as well as to your needs.