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The design of a garden covers many variables that influence its realization:

  • solar exposure
  • position and type of soil (e.g. basic, acid)
  • climatic conditions and altitude
  • type of surrounding vegetation
  • customer’s desires
  • use of the garden
  • designer’s ideas
  • ecological aspects.


After careful evaluation of the initial expertise, we design a work plan adapted to the needs, which we thoroughly follow.

In collaboration with well-known or not so well-known landscape architects, we may draft a personalized project, if necessary, which will be discussed with the customer and started its realization.

  • Excavation and soil moving
  • Seeding and planting
  • Taking care of solid structures such as exterior decor, edges, natural stone pavements, basins, etc.
  • Placement of lighting and tubing
  • Installation of irrigation systems
  • Playgrounds or fenced areas of all kinds.

Our competent and well-trained workers will follow the work plan order in details and its realization according to the needs.